FCL has introduced a theater play titled Unspoken – a play about a man and his stuttering to Poland. Its author is a is playwright Neil Rathmell, who lives in Yorkshire. He wrote it together with Dr. Trudy Stewart (an experienced speech therapist and author of numerous publications on stuttering). The goal of this collaboration was to create a piece that would reflect the experiences of an ordinary person who stutters. In the process of creating the play, Dr Stewart invited Rathmell to meetings of a self-help group from Leeds. Its members were actively involved in the entire process of preparing the performance and acted as consultants for the actors playing in the performance. Dr Stewart directed the play with an amateur theater group from Leeds Arts Centre. During the ISAD celebrations in Silesia, Poland, participants had the opportunity to listen to an interview with Dr. Trudy Stewart, the translator of the dialogues, Dr. Justyna Wawrzyniuk, the author of the Polish translation of the play, and Oliver Seagal, who played the main role of Alex.