Our Mission

Fundacja Centrum Logopedyczne has existed since 2022. Its creation is a dream come true for speech therapy enthusiasts who have been working in this field for years, having engaged in numerous social initiatives. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and disseminate broadly understood speech therapy, as well as educational, scientific, cultural and civic activities. We truly believe that the ability to communicate effectively should be the right of every human being. We are convinced that good communication contributes to building open and democratic communities, where every citizen is guaranteed opportunities for optimal development.

The aims of our Foundation are:

Action for children, adolescents and adults experiencing communication difficulties.
Social and professional activation of people with communication disorders, as well as people from disadvantaged groups.
Actions for the protection and promotion of health, including mental health and social work.
Actions to support the family, motherhood, parenthood, the foster care system, as well as the promotion and protection of children's rights.
Activities for disabled people and people of retirement age.
Actions supporting the development of social groups and local communities.
Educational and social activities, including the promotion and organization of volunteering endeavors.
Scientific enquiry and research activities as well as the promotion of art and professional development.
Activities to help the Polish community abroad and to promote Poland internationally.
Charity work.
Promoting and undertaking innovative activities related to the implementation of new technologies and digitalization in the fields of education, culture, art, social sciences and health sciences.